Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hitting the Trails

In preparation for our next adventure, The Jay Challenge, Hubs and I decided that we needed to incorporate more trail runs into our training, so we decided it was time to invest in some trail shoes in addition to our regular running shoes.

Here's Hubs and I sporting our new trail shoes:

Snazzy, huh?! Hubs are the fire-engine reds ones, which also came in what he referred to as "Hulk-Green", but much to his disappointment, the Hulk green ones were not available in his size: )

I love my new trail shoes, and I find them so much more comfy than my regular shoes (Asics Gel Kayanos). They feel like pillows on my feet and I really like the additional lateral support. These shoes were also much less expensive. Maybe its time to switch up my regular running shoes...

This past Wednesday night I went for a trail run in the new shoes at a conservation area near our house. Unfortunately Hubs is nursing an IT band injury right now, so while I ran, Hubs walked, and took some photos for you to enjoy.

This is me taking off in search of the group we were supposed to meet (we were unfortunately late!)

Sadly, the trail shoes are no longer new....

The route had an elevation of approximately 1000 ft, which felt hilly. Apparently Jay's Peak has an elevation of 9000 ft! Yikes!

More random shots..

A bubbling brook. So relaxing...

Stairs to a lookout and now-deserted campground.

I absolutely love trail running! I find I am so much more relaxed as a runner being surrounded by the beautiful scenery. It is also more challenging than road running as well, which is a plus.

I suppose I should get out for my run. Its manky here in Southern Ontario, and I have a 10K road for planned for today, and 20km trail run tomorrow. Happy running and thanks for reading!


Marcy said...

Ooooooo sweet kicks!! And awesome, awesome scenery. How lucky are you to get out and enjoy some trails!

Marlene said...

I just completed my first trail race yesterday! Trail shoes would have come in handy.

Looks like a beautiful run - enjoy the new digs and happy training for that insane run. :)

Anonymous said...

You can almost see the mosquitoes in the photos if you look real close.
It was nice of them to wait up for us.