Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reese's Run Prize Winners

Hello all! Thank-you so much for all the participants in our virtual event - Reese's Run (4 for 4 on the 24th). Christy and I were very happy with the outcome and could not have been more excited to hear all the updates and reports! I have some winners! Send me an email at cascanette(underscore) your details and either Christy or I will make sure you get your prize. Congratulations!

$100 Running Shoes from Online Shoes - Sara (Rookie on the Run)
Book - Explosive Running - Aron (Runners Rambles)
Book - Pfitz - Kristen G.
Restaurant Gift Card - Lori D. and Shannon W.

Thanks again everyone, I will be back to regular posting soon, just going through a busy period.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reese's Runners Rock!!

First off for those who haven't signed up but want to, its not too late to participate, we will post the results on Monday, so click on the banner to the right to register (donate to the Arthritis society). We have lots of donated great donated prizes.

I have yet to go out to run my 4 miles today but I am heading out shortly! When you finish your four miles, you can e-mail me at cascanette(underscore)marci(at), or contact Christy.

Finally, I just want to also thank you all for the support. I am not that great at fundraising, and I was a little nervous asking the blogging community for support with this event since we have never even met. I was touched by how many of you posted about this on your blog, and signed up. It is really appreciated, especially by those children like Reese that suffer from Juvenile Arthritis.

Happy Birthday Reese!!

Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!

Now lace up those runners, and have fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Setbacks, Sun Protection, Congrats and Reese's Run!!

Another random ramblings post:

Random Rambling 1: Running Motivation

First off, I apologize for abandoning my blogging duties for so long... I haven't felt much like blogging as I hadn't been running much and just had an overall blah-writers block kinda feeling.

Last week I ran a 10 miler Good Friday race that was pretty slow, about a 9:14 mile pace. It was frustrating when I had ran a 8:38 mile paced half marathon only a few weeks earlier. It is scary how a cold can totally wreck your fitness so quickly. I just haven't felt great, but then this past week I kinda snapped out of it. I told myself to quit feeling sorry for myself, so many people can't run, or have been setback with major injuries (our girl Lily is forced to hang up her shoes for now-go send her some love) so SUCK IT UP Marci!!!

I think getting a little mad at myself worked because I ran 40 miles, the last four days and ran over 20 miles on Sunday. I am still recovering from the cold, but my pace is slowly getting better. Hopefully I will be race ready by mid May. I am targeting either Mississauga or Cleveland marathon.

I know some of you have had setbacks much worse than my silly little cold, how did you come back? What kept you motivated/sane??

Random Rambling #2: Sun Protection

Like many of you, I started running to lose a little weight, and while it has turned into much more than this, lets face it, having strong legs and maintaining a healthy weight certainly helps keeps me running (most of the time, see r.rambling #1).

Unfortunately running also exposes runners to excessive amounts of UVA/UVB rays. I remembered this when I returned from my first lovely sunny spring run this week with a red nose and bright red thighs, despite wearing sunscreen.

I couldn't help but thinking about the damage I must being doing to my skin, so I thought it may be a blog-worthy point of discussion.

Here are some tips to consider to protect yourself from the elements:

- Wear a white running hat with a rim. The white reflects the light. It may not be fashionable, but neither are wrinkles
-Sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen. With my water drop, I will also drop sunscreen. I like the sports spray on sunscreen for longer runs when I am less co-ordinated and bending down hurts.
-Hydrate. Really this is year round advice, but I think it is especially important in warmer weather.
-I did find this site, that makes UV protectant running gear. I remember seeing a company at a running expo that makes these types of clothes. Anyone had any experience with these?

Any other tips? Please share!!

Random Rambling #3: Congratulations

Congratulations to all Boston Marathon Event finishers!

-Frayed Lace
-N her Shoes
-Running Dude Bill
-ND runner

And anyone else I missed. Congratulations, you are all inspiring!!

Random Rambling #4: Reese's Run

I can't believe Reese's Run is this Friday!! Wow how time has flown. Its not too late to sign up, there are great prizes.

Just to recap the event in case you are not familiar. It is a four mile virtual organized by myself and Christy in honour of her daughter Reese's fourth birthday. Reese suffers from Juvenile Arthritis. 100% of your registration fee (donation) goes to the Arthritis Society. We also have amazing prizes!

Looking forward to catching up with all of your blogs! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gearing Back Up

I have slowly gotten back into running this past week after having to sit out the Around the Bay Road Race last week. This cold has hung on, and although I am running a little this week, my pace is slow as my breathing is asthmatic- like.

Being the addict I am (I seriously have issues, I know) I am still planning on another May marathon. Originally I had targeted the New Jersey Marathon May 3rd, but since I am still struggling getting back up to pace, I think its too soon.

Other choices are:

Mississauga Marathon - May 11th - This will be my target, but I am not registering until it gets closer to race date since I don't know if I'll be 100% ready. I have run this twice as a half and its a good course to run.
Cleveland Marathon - May 17th -A group of running friends are running this, so we will be going, but I will either run a half or a full here.
Bayshore Marathon - May 24th - I like the reviews of this race on marathon guide. Anyone out there run this one before?
Ottawa Marathon- May 24th - My nemesis, I never run well here. What better reason to come back and conquer (well at least conquer for me!)

I will likely run more than one, I can never just pick one!

I have also been slotting in some lower distance training race runs. My first one is next Friday, the Good Friday Road Race 10 miler. The other I will announce as I get closer to formulating a plan of some sort.

I really need to get a training plan in place, it has to have some flexibility since I don't know how long this cold will hang on. Next year I think I will definately get a flu shot. I usually don't get sick, but this is twice this winter. Anyway, sorry if this sounds whiney. I am feeling better really, I just am itching to get into some serious training again.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Thanks for reading.