Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jay's Peak Mountain Marathon: My next "race"

The next event that I signed up for is the Jay's Peak Mountain Marathon at Jay's Peak in the state of Vermont. Now this event provides an extremely challenging and ambitious goal. In fact the race website includes the following warning from the race director:

Racer Director's Warning: The Marathon, (33.0 miles), is considered by our own participants to be the hardest marathon ever put together for it’s distance; This is a trail marathon, and using the word trail is stretching it. One section is actually a bushwhack from flagging tape to flagging tape, and another section will take you on a deer trail leading to a mountain brook. You will run in the brook for about 3 miles. At mile 20 you will cross a 50-foot wide river in order to reach aid station # 6. Only the adventurous, experienced trail runners and fit athletes should sign up for this race. You will get wet and very muddy, and you are likely to end up with scratches on your legs.

I'm not crazy.

Really. I'm not.

Obviously this is not a race where you expect a PR, so I kinda of like a marathon where speed is not part of the equation - rather finishing is the main objective. Last year the winning times were well over 5 hours, and they tell people to double or even triple their marathon times to estimate expected finishing times. I want to run a marathon in every state and province, so this will knock Vermont off of the list. There is a group of runners going that Hubs and I know, so that should make it really fun. And of course, why not run it? :) Hubs is of course good to go!

Here is a video about Jay's Peak I found on You Tube:

This marathon is taking place on July 26th, in less than two months, so my plan is hit to the trails for my runs two or three times a week, including my LSD run on Sunday. I will also run 30K back to back in a few week to prepare as this event is more of an ultra than a marathon. I suppose I should also do some hill training :). I can't wait to knock this one off. I've heard the view at the top of the mountain is awesome! Thanks for reading!


Laura said...

Wow, that race sounds crazy! I'm kind of glad I already got Vermont out of the way with a regular marathon :) And that is DEFINITELY an ultra - don't let anyone tell you it's just a marathon.

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, if I was younger, I'd do it with you!

That is amazing, check out

Bob is awesome, he'll give you some tips.....tell him Lily sent you!

Melanie said...

you sure you're not crazy??? LOL wow... you and hubs are truly inspirational... i'm still contemplating if i want to train for a full. my dad did one at the age of 32... gives me 14 months before i reach the same age.. :) this one in Vermont sounds very challenging though, and from what i've read in your blog... looks perfect for you both! thanks for the comments :)

Marcy said...

Totally cool! No, you're not crazy, I'm just glad that it's you and not me :P Can't wait to read about it!

Marlene said...

That looks and sounds incredible. You are a brave woman, but it will be worth it. Can't wait to read about your training and eventually, the race!

Lynda said...

Yes, you are crazy... and yes I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

You are so inspiring.

Phil Robertson said...

Hi Marci,

I tagged you on my running blog. To find out how to respond, just visit my blog.

Enjoyed reading your blog.


Paul America said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul America said...

See you there, friend.

-Paul America

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