Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year, New Goals -part I

Well since this is my first real post for 2010, please allow me the chance to briefly reflect over 2009 and I can talk about what I hope for 2010 to bring for me for running and otherwise.

I made some resolutions last year,  so I want to briefly reflect on my progress.

1. Eat clean at least 80% of the time.

Sucess, mostly.  I started off 09 with good habits,  fell off the bandwagon (gained 7 pounds), but finished the year eating healthier than I ever have and my weight is down overall 6 pounds!  I like the 80% approach,  I will always enjoy a treat every now and then.  I have really learned that I need to treat my body well to fuel it for life,  the better I eat,  the better I feel. 

2. Get organized. I hate clutter.
Mmmm needs work. I still don't have a ton of clutter but I need to organize.  How do you organize your running gear? Little things like that drive me nuts sometimes!!

3. Stop impulse buying.
Hahahahahahah!!! Funny.  Well I have discovered a love for all things lululemon.  Seriously.  I will save this for another post,  but my ENTIRE running wardrobe is now LULU and I can't see myself going back. 

4. Running Goals
 Goal: I want to set new PR's in the half, full and 30K distance.
Sucess- New PR in half (1:53) and full (4:02).  I didn't run a 30K this year,  maybe this year at Around the Bay!
Goal: I **will** run a sub four hour marathon this spring.
Fail. Close, no cigar.  But I am proud of my progress and I know sub 4 and beyond is in me,  so I still consider it a semi-sucess.

Goal: Achieve Marathon Maniac Gold Status.
Sucess!!  I ran 4 marathons in 5 weeks in the Spring, achieving gold status!!

Goal: Knock off 5 different states for the 50 state marathon goal.
Fail.  Much to my disappointment I had to cancel St.George, and thus only completed 4 states. Oh well. I am in no rush to complete all 50 states, and I loved all the 4 states (Vermont, California, Indiana, Virginia) that I have complete.  8 down, 42 to go!

Races Completed in 2009
-6 marathons (Shamrock, Vermont, Cleveland, Mississauga, Sunburst, Steamtown, CIM)
-6 half marathons (Chilly, Tom King, Scotiabank Toronto, Goodlife Toronto, Toronto Womens Half, Wine Country Half)
-One 10 mile races (Burlington)
-Two 5 mile races (Robbie Burns and Slainte Cup)
-My very first Sprint triathlon
-My very first Olympic distance triathlon
-My very first HALF IRONMAN
(A new-found love for triathlons was found!)

Last year I posted a fancy slide show of race pictures,  this year I will keep it simple,  this was by far my most memorable moment of 2009. Be prepared for the goofiest grin ever!!

I would have never guessed 2009 would bring a half iron finish!! Next up,  2010 goals and preliminary plans!  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soles for Souls (Shoes for Haiti)

Hi All,
Happy New Year and I am sorry about my extended absence from blogland. I will be back soon,  and I have been reading your blogs and commenting when I can.  A running friend sent me this e-mail today and I thought I should share it with you.

I am not sure if the company "Soft Moc" is in the US or not,  but perhaps there are other ways you can help.  I read in the paper this morning that 1415 Canadian souls are missing in Haiti.  I have to admit,  I had no idea of the extent of the devastation until I read this,  and felt guilty for being so caught in my day to day events, and these poor people (over 2 million) are suffering.
  Lets see if we can help,  please donate your gently used shoes if you have the means.  I have a bag ready to go for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!