Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Training Update and a Little Inspiration

Happy Tuesday everyone...  tomorrow is hump day and today is my much needed rest day!

Last week I posted my 5 week countdown to CIM plan,  and its been going well.  Here is a little summary:

What I planned
-4 x 800 m (7-8 miles)
-6 mile tempo
-1 recovery run (4-6 miles)
-long run 30K 
-one swim, one bike, and 2 hot yoga workouts

What I actually did
- 4 x 800 @4 minute 19 second per K (~7 miles)
-4 mile tempo
-long 30K run
-two hot yoga classes
-one swim class

I skipped my bike and recovery run,  as I was getting over the last part of my cold,  and my tri swim class was intense.  By the time Sat rolled around and I planned a bike and recovery run,  I knew I would benefit more from a rest.   On Sun am,  I ran a VERY hilly (300 meters of elevation climb) run with some friends so it turned out to be a good idea to take a rest today.  Today (Tuesday)  is my rest day this week and I am enjoying every minute of it!

This week I will up my mileage before taper,  but I feel great,  I am really trying to listen to my body rather than just piling on the miles and wearing myself down.   I think I can thank the return of hot yoga to my schedule for awaking my awareness of my body. I absolutely love my hot class.  I am so happy to be back doing it twice a week.  I've really noticed a difference in how I feel and the weight seems to coming off better. Today I weighed myself and I am now down 10lbs from a few months ago.

Speaking of yoga,  hubs sent me a link with a video of a climber's trek to Mount Everest Base Camp (altitude 5360 metres (17600 ft),  a bucket list item that he wants to complete in his life... (hubs has read every high altitude climbing book out there). The thought of it both scares and thrills me at the same time. 

The music that accompanies the video is beautiful.  I first heard this song  at a yoga studio and I immediately bought the CD at a yoga show.  I listen to it whenever I need to be empowered or need to feel calmness.  Its appararently a Tibetian (sp?) chant for world peace.  The positive karma you feel when watching this video and listening to the music is wonderful.  Enjoy!

Do you have a bucket list?  Are there items on your bucket list that scare you, but you know you must do them sometime in your lifetime?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update and the Need for Speed

Hello everyone! I haven't felt much like blogging lately,  but I have been commenting sporadically on your blogs.  Some great marathon/race finishes lately.. keep up the great work!  I'll try to keep this blog more updated and visit your blogs soon.

I was to run Hamilton marathon this weekend,  the same marathon Marlene's hubby Mark ran,  and that I ran last year. I have had a cold lingering since Steamtown,  but I still managed a decent half marathon the week after at Toronto International Marthon (1:55:30),  not a personal best,  but it felt really good and it was a great day.

(Rats..  head was down!!)

That left two weeks until Hamilton,  and I felt great,  but unfortunately my cold got worse.  I stayed home from work Thursday and Friday,  but felt much better Fri evening,  so I decided to try.   Shortly after I started running, I knew that it was not a good idea.   I felt overall tired and weak,  so I stopped at an aid station to have Hubs pick me up.  I love this course,  and I knew if I was healthy I stood a good chance a good PR, but alas,  it was not meant to be. 

So now,  I am focused (and super excited) about CIM!!! For those of you wondering why CIM (being I am living in Ontario, Canada),  my dad lives in San Ramone California,  and to top it off my sister Melissa and BIL Richard are also running the race.  Added bonus is meeting some really great California bloggers

Which brings me to to

4 weeks Need for Speed or maybe I need Speed!! Countdown to CIM!

I am working on a speed plan,  here is my rough idea. 

Week one (November 2-8)
-4 x 800 m (7-8 miles)
-6 mile tempo
-1 recovery run (4-6 miles)
-long run 30K (yes, I flip constantly between kilometers and miles, some distances I like in miles, some in kilometers! .. weird I know)
-one swim, one bike, and 2 hot yoga workouts

Week two (November 9-15)
-1 x400m,  4 x 800,  1 x1000 (8-9 miles)
-8 mile tempo
-1 recovery run (4-6 miles) w/10 strides
-long run 22 miles
-one swim, one bike, and 2 hot yoga workouts

Week three (November 16-22)
- ladder workout (400-800-1000-1600-1000-800-400) (10 miles)
-1 recovery run w/ 10 strides (5 miles)
-1 steady run (9 miles)
-10 mile race (possibly) or 24K long run
-one swim, one bike, 2 hot yoga workouts

Week four (November 23 -29th)
-3 x 1600 m (8 miles)
-1 recovery run w/10 strides
-1 steady run
-10 mile run with 4 miles at race pace
-one swim, 2 yoga workouts

Week 5 (November 30th - Dec 6th)
-3 x 800 m (6 miles)
-recovery run with /10 strides
-one hot yoga before I leave for SF!!
-CIM (December 6th)

Anyway,  that is the plan,  but I would love/greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks for reading