Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Ramblings

Random Rambling #1: White Water Rafting

Hubs and I had a fabulous weekend of white water rafting with a company called Wilderness Tours, located in the Ottawa area of Ontario. We went with a group of runners that call themselves the Riff Raff. They are a fun group, and we had an absolutely great weekend! Lots of laughs and good times. We did manage to get a 10K run in on the Sunday morning before we went white water rafting, but this week I need to get my butt into gear and put in some more miles and speed work.
While rafting with the group, I was thrown out of the raft in the largest rapid that we attempted that day called the Coliseum. Here is a video of what it was like (not our group)

Now we did not flip over, but when I was thrown out, I came up under the raft, came up again and was pulled back under, and finally came up and swam like mad back towards the raft. Before I made it back to the raft I had kicked my shin into a rock.

Had to show off my battle scar:) At first it was black and blue, but I iced it immediately, and yes I can run. Thank goodness. I also loved the adrenalin rush, :) No harm done, no worries.

Random Rambling #2: Yasso 800's: Week 6
Yesterday I completed week six of my Yasso 800 challenge, which was nine 800m repetitions, with equal rest in between. Here are the results:

Interval one: 3 minutes, 33 seconds
Interval two: 3 minutes: 35 seconds
Interval three: 3 minutes: 37 seconds
Interval four: 3 minutes: 39 seconds
Interval five: 3 minutes: 37 seconds
Interval six: 3 minutes: 39 seconds
Interval seven: 3 minutes: 35 seconds
Interval eight: 3 minutes: 39 seconds
Interval nine: 3 minutes: 38 seconds
After the third interval I made it my goal to complete every interval under 3:40, and it was tough, but I managed to squeak through. Next week is the last week of this series, so I will compare my averages, but I suspect that I have gottten faster, so regardless of whether or not Yasso's are a good marathon predictor, I have definately improved my conditioning.

Random Rambling #3: Upcoming Races
Earlier this summer I mused about what marathons I will run this fall, and I have decided on three plus another possible 50K. Yes, that means basically I will be running them all. LOL. Hey I couldn't decide and they are relatively far spaced apart.
Marathon one: Quebec City Marathon: August 24th.
I had to do this one, and thanks to whoever it was that suggested it. It is the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, the oldest city in North America, so this will be a special event, kinda of a once it a lifetime opportunity to attend. Although I am not a fan, Celine Dion, she will be preforming a free concert after the marathon.
Marathon two: Scotiabank Waterfron Marathon: September 28th.
I have run this marathon before, both as a half and a full, and its always a good run. It's flat, festive, close to home, and very well run. It can sometimes be hot, but its always fun, so I've decided to run it.
Marathon three: Philadelphia Marathon: November 23rd.
This will be the second time running this race, and I enjoyed it so much last year, I must come back for round two.
Possible Ultra: Haliburton Forest: September 6th.
This event will be challenging, but I would just run it for completion and not worry too much about speed. I really want to run another 50K trail race, but I may wait and see how I feel after Quebec for this one.
Notice the gap in October? Probably won't stay empty for long....
Random Rambling #4: Training Plan for this Week
Monday: 4K
Tuesday: Yasso 800's, 9 x800m, 13K
Wednesday: 20km bike, Yoga
Thursday: 34K
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10K
Sunday: 30km bike, 6 km run
Have a great week and thanks for reading!


Marcy said...

OMG 9 800's?!? Good Lord you are a glutton for punishment ;-)

Lily on the Road said...

Glad you are okay, Wilderness Tours are a little wild, the Owl Whitewater group is excellent!!

Hope to see you in T.O., Vickie (Living & Tri-ing in River City) and I are meeting up for the first time! Hopefully we can meet with you too!

Have fun in Quebec City, it was on my list but I'm trying a tri instead.

Run for the Toad in 2009 is my goal...too bad this year is already sold out!

*aron* said...

that is going to be a busy fall!!! sooo exciting :)

omg i would have been traumatized if i was thrown out of the raft!! sounds like a great weekend!

Running Knitter said...

Sounds like you had fun with the rafting. That's a full race calendar, though I'm sure nothing you can't handle. :)

Bob Gentile said...

Ya Good times being tossed out of the boat, happened to me a few times... very FUN, well ya know after your head pops up out of the water :-)

Glad your ok... LOVE ur Marathon Line you are going to be very busy!!!

Marlene said...

Glad you survived the rafting! Holy, that sounds scary!

I am envious that you are running Quebec City. What a beautiful city and perfect year to participate.

See you at Scotia! ;)

I am going to try these Yasso's of yours after I survive the marathon. I'm intrigued.

Laura said...

Marci, I'm considering running several of those! QC, Toronto, and Philly are all on my shortlist of races I'd love to do. Will let you know what I decide.

Kim said...

Glad you had a great rafting trip. You had the right idea with the 'lemonade' and chips afterwards. If there wasn't any excitment-how much fun would that be? :)

As for fall marathons-how can you pass them up? After running all summer in the heat a nice refreshing fall marathon sounds like heaven!

I'm already debating what my 'big' 2009 goal is going to be...decisions decisions.

Happy Friday!

SLB said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Wow I thought I had a busy Fall/Winter, good to see there are fellow loons elsewhere!