Sunday, August 31, 2008

Farwell to Summer

Well Tuesday its back to school, which for me means back to work. I have no complaints though, I had an awesome summer.

This summer I:

--> ran my first ultra (50K)
--> ran a marathon
--> actually rode my new bike and participated in a few time trials
--> tried Hot Yoga for the first time, loved it!
--> Participated in the Jay Challenge, and climbed a 4000ft mountain and ran in a mountain stream
--> had my first full beer ever and really enjoyed it (I normally don't drink beer)
--> Travelled to Ottawa, Jay Vermont, Collingwood, Quebec City, and Parry Sound several times
--> Completed 9 Yasso repeats in track training - still working on 10 repeats, tough!

Not bad for two months!! Especially the beer part, I'm definately a wine-girl.

All in all its been a great summer. We went to a cottage last night north of Parry Sound to enjoy one last bit of cottage country. Hubs brought his guitar and we had a good time singing around the campfire.


Alas, it time for refocus. I love the fall, its my favourite running season. Cheers to cooler weather for runners!

This week in training:
Monday - 24K
Tuesday- 1 mile virtual race + warm/cool - 6K
Wednesday - 10K
Thursday - Yoga
Friday - rest
Saturday -26K
Sunday -rest

Have a great week! Good luck to Kim on her marathon this Monday! Thanks for reading!


Melanie said...

Thanks Marci! It is today :) have fun getting back into reality! You've absolutely accomplished soooo much this summer, you're amazing! :)

robison52 said...

You've accomplished so much this summer, I'm rather jealous as my first 50k race won't be until April 2009. I'll be keeping an eye on your further "adventures!"

Your training week is pretty strong considering you've ran a marathon recently. Keep up the great work!

Jess said...

You've had an eventful summer for sure! Have a good week back at school!

Nikemom said...

wow! great summer. i had a great summer too. lot's a biking. you posted on runners lounge that's how i came across your blog. i tend to blog about everything other than the training i'm doing. i'm a horrible blogger. :)

Marcy said...

Man what a freekin summer!! You accomplished A LOT!!! ;D ;D And I'm glad to have read about most of it ;-)

Lily on the Road said...

That was one crazy summer it!!

Don't forget, you did Nancy's virtual race too didn't you??

Kim said...

You have had a very busy summer! You've done a lot of fun and amazing things and got to see beautiful places.

Thanks for the shout out! I survived. You're a doll.

Julianne said...

you sure did get a lot done in one summer! i am so impressed you did a 50k ultra! wow!!!