Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Blue Monday!

Thanks for your responses about social media.  I have decided for now to get back to posting and commenting on a regular basis and then maybe dive more into twitter and daily mile if my time/energy/desire allows for it.  I get a little overwhelmed easily with all that is out there!

So its Monday...  Its the middle of January...  and in many areas of North America,  its fah fah freezzzzing cold.  (This morning in Southern Ontario it was -23C/-9.4F when I was driving to work!!).  And according health researchers, today, January 17th,  its the most depressing day of the year (otherwise known as Blue Monday)!

We are lucky as athletes that we run/swim/bike..  it definitely helps any sort of seasonal depression.  Still,  I find myself falling victim to less motivation when temperature dips,  and the days are so short.  Here are some tips I find helpful to keep me happy and motivated this time of year:

1)  Connect with family and friends. 
Its a great time of year to get together for coffee and a little social time with family and friends,  especially the ones you may have been unable to connect with over the holiday season.  I find reconnecting and having a few laughs helps alot.

2) Spend time with someone over 70 and under 6
I read this tip at this very excellent site and I think its true.  Older and younger people see the world through a different lens that we do.

3) Drink lots of fluids
For me,  I drink a ton of Herbal teas in the winter,  and its a ritual that I find very soothing and comforting and even uplifting.

4) Try a new Activity
For date night this past month,  Hubs took me to rock climbing and dinner.  I had never been rock climbing before,  and although I was initially terrified (I am a little afraid of heights),  I absolutely loved it!!  We had a great night and laughed more than we had in a long time. It was a great spirit-lifting feeling to try something brand new.

5) Cross Train
We can get in ruts so trying other sports/mixing it up is important and can help us from facing boredom.  I really love going to hot yoga especially in the Winter.  The warm air feels so good living when its cold out,  I get a good stretch,  and I feel more connected with my overall health.  Its a great strength training workout to boot too!

This is just a hodge podge of ideas for staving off the depression.  I am sure there are many others. Heck if all else fails,  eat chocolate and drink wine!!

What do you find helps to prevent the winter blues?

Thanks for reading!


teacherwoman said...

Those are great tips! I know that keeping up with my blog during the winter months, and having a spring race in mind, sure keeps me going!

MCM Mama said...

Great tips. I really need to get back to hot yoga soon. I loved it, but for some reason 1.5 hours of yoga seems to take more out of my day than 1.5 hours of running LOL.

RoadBunner said...

You're back! Yay! I don't get much winter blues in CA :)

Lily on the Road said...

Love this post, THANKS!

Cross training definitely helps me, cross country skiing, skating on the canal, snow-shoeing, all great cardio and believe it or not, great for re-energising your balance.

Vitamin B12, D, C and Calcium with Magnesium have also helped me with S.A.D. this winter.

Jess said...

Living in South FL pretty much prevents it for me since we don't lack the warmth or the sunshine this time of year :)

lindsay said...

My "blue" day came a day early -- I was soo moody Sunday, and it was sunny + 50!

Amanda said...

Ah the winter blues. I have always said that I hate January and February, although that's such a bad attitude to have. Great post!

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