Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hope all you Northern folk are surviving this cold spell. Hubs and I decided it would be a good time to head even further North to his hometown of Parry Sound Ontario. You can barely see my MIL's house with all of the snow. Although its super cold (-18C), I love it up here, its so pretty, a real winter wonderland. (sorry no pics)

I was tagged last week by Marlene and Roadbunner, but just haven't gotten around to posting until now, so here we go:

4 favorite memories from 2008
1. Jay Challenge
2. Running my first ultra/off road race
3. Quebec City Marathon
4. Trip to California

4 favorite movies that I saw
1. Spirit of the Marathon
2. Godfather series (never watched it before)
ummm I don't watch a lot of movies, and if I do, I often fall asleep during

4 favorite foods in 2008
1. Quinoa
2. Nachos and Guacamole
3. Beer- I don't know if this counts as food, but I never liked beer before last year, now suddenly I am an addict...LOL
4. Chicken Enchilada Suiza

4 places I loved in 2008
1. Quebec City
2. San Ramone, California
3. Bootcamp class
4. Home - always love home!

4 things I liked in 2008
1. My new Blackberry Bold (better than iphone - jk - not trying to start a war! LOL)
2. Starting my running blog and meeting all you great blogging people
3. White water rafting trip - even with the injury
4. Philadelphia marathon trip

4 things I am looking forward to in 2009
1. March break marathon (Shamrock, DC or Arkansas!) and visit to my sister's new home in Nashville
2. San Francisco Marathon
3. Possibly Barbados marathon with Christy
4. Lots and lots of running and racing

If you haven't been tagged, and would like to be, I am tagging you!

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for reading


Marlene said...

Ooooh, Barbados?! That is pretty appealing right about now!

Have a great weekend up north!

Denise said...

Great list!!

Mmmm beer.

Cindy said...

i'm gonna go ahead and count beer as a food too :) i have a new found appreciation of it too--especially guinness!

lindsay said...

barbados marathon! sounds like a definite to me!!

RunToFinish said...

just tried quinoa for the first time this year and I did like it!

Jo Lynn said...

As I am a resident of the East Bay in California (very close to San Ramon). I wonder why visiting San Ramon was a fav for you last year? Just curious is all. ;)

Melanie said...

Barbados marathon would be a lot of fun! I loved it there this past may. Enjoy the weekend up north!

RunningLaur said...

I can't even imagine how cold it is there! You're one tough chick for braving if even further north!

Heather said...

Looks like lots of fun to look forward to in 2009! Stay warm this weekend.

Run Mommy said...

I love that I made the list and that your considering!! Consider faster because I am ready to pull the trigger and I have some fun fundraising ideas for us.. :)

Stacey said...

I still haven't seen Spirit of the Marathon. It is on my to do list for 2009. Have a great weekend.

SuperDave said...

#2 Fav food - I'm eating nachos and guacamole right now.
#4 places I loved - Nothing better than home!

Stuart said...

Yeah I think beer counts as a food!

Jess said...

Barbados has a marathon? That would be a great trip!

Marathon Maritza said...

Great list! So are we having a blogger meet-up when you come out for the SF Marathon????

Laurel said...

Your MIL's house sounds pretty. Hope you're having a great time.

Spirit of the Marathon was good. I should have put that one on my list.

aron said...

cant wait to hopefully meet you the SFM weekend!!!

BeachRunner said...

You had a great year, but 09 sounds like it will be even more fabulous. Stay warm.

Melanie said...

hey. Sorry,should have mentioned the price. $150. Not cheap but will hopefully be worth it :)

Julianne said...

YES!! The SFM!! Wooohooooo!!!

Carly said...

Great List! I count beer as a food.

RoadBunner said...

Thanks for sharing. I still haven't decided about SF!