Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mississauga Marathon Race Report

This past Sunday I ran the Mississauga Marathon. My sister registered last minute for this race, having run the Nashville Marathon only two weeks before. She was disappointed with her Nashville time and wanted to redeem herself only two weeks later.

Hubs and I also registered late, so no name on the bib, boo! I didn't have great expectations for myself for this race since I knew my training was not 100% since Shamrock, but I felt well enough to run it, and you just never know...

My sister and I went to the expo on Saturday. We originally tried to go on Friday night to meet up with Mel and Emily, but Melissa's plane was delayed out of Nashville, so we couldn't make it there for Friday. We stopped by the Running Skirts booth where my sister bought a new outfit, and got chatting to one of the owners, Cindy, who offered to sponsor Melissa, how cool is that? Here is the outfit she wore:

Anyway, Melissa finished in an amazing 2:53:57, and had the third fastest time (winning time was 2:52xx). Her gun time unfortunately put her in 4th place... seems wrong, but those are apparently the "rules". Melissa is 6 minutes off of Olympic trial times, which I bet she will achieve since this time was run after running a marathon only two weeks earlier.

I hope it doesn't sound like I am bragging about my sister, well honestly I am really proud and like to brag a little, but the truth of the matter is that my "little sister" is such an amazing inspiration to me. She has two boys to which she is an awesome mom, works full time, and runs kick ass marathons. She is a beautiful person as well. It gives me hope somewhere I have the genes in my to become faster... :) Love ya sis!!

Anyway back to my race report. About my race...

Well it all started well. I ran the first 3K rather conservatively to warm up, and then probably pushed it a little too much past 3K (when will I ever learn?!!)

kM 1: 5:42

kM 2: 5:45

kM 3: 5:41 (Felt warmed up at this point)

kM 4: 5:28 (Um yeah, too fast for 4 hours, stuuupid, slow down...)

kM5: 5:40

kM 6 :5:40 (feels sooo easy, lets push the pace a little...)

kM 7: 5:28

kM 8: 5:35

kM 9: 5:30

kM 10: 5:32 (yes the last 4K we too fast, but it felt easy, glorious actually)

So the first 10K were pretty easy, I felt great and wasn't worried about pushing my pace too much...

kM 11: 5:50 (there was a steep hill, so I didn't worry about this too much)

kM 12: 5:36

kM 13: 5:28

kM 14: 5:37

kM 15: 5:41 (starting to feeling tired.... oh no, so soon?!)

kM 16: 5:47 (saw the half marathon cutoff, considered taking it, no Marci, run right, run right)

kM 17: 6:23 (wishing I turned left, I walked, yes already, just felt tired!!)

kM 18: 5:55

kM 19: 6:23 (walked again, briefly, not a good sign)

kM 20: 6:03

kM 21: 6:21

21.1 K, 13.1 miles split 2:01

So I knew at this point based on how I was feeling that it wasn't likely a PR kind of day. I told myself not to give up though, you just never know....

kM 22: 5:55

kM 23: 6:29

kM 24: 5:59 (Saw Hubs running the back part of the out and back loop)
kM 25: 6:27

kM 26: 5:58

Mmm I see a trend here, speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down some more.

kM 27: 6:47 (my knee oddly started bothering my, took some Tylenol)

kM 28: 6:46 (Saw Mel on the course, she looked great, this gave me a little boost)

Then my knee got really bad, and I started to excessively walk/wobble. Took another painkiller.

kM 29: 7:44 (ouch)

kM 20: 7:09

kM 31: 7:34

Painkillers kick in a little, so I start running again..

kM 32: 6:31

kM 33: 6:48

kM 34: 6:38

kM 35: 7:41 (knee talking again, took a third Tylenol, hoped for the best)

kM 36: 6:45

kM 37: 6:53

kM 38: 6:49

kM 39: 6:49

kM 40: 6:52

kM41: 6:24 (Saw a few running friends and Marlene (who ran a HUGE PR -congrats), gave hugs, great to see them!!)

kM 42: 6:03

Final time: 4:24:xx. 12th marathon, done!!

Not bad, not great, but all in all I'll take it.

I have been icing my knee, it feels fine. I think it was my shoes, I bought a new pair the week before but I was nervous to wear them, but I will definitely wear them in Cleveland and Vermont.
I haven't registered yet for Cleveland, I want to test the knee, and I need to complete Vermont since its another stated. I really want to run both, and complete 3 marathons in 3 weeks!!
Thanks for reading

P.S I am putting a poll. How should winners be determined.. guntime or chip time? Feel free to leave comments as well!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Doesn't make sense to me that the third fastest time doesn't = third place.

In any event, big congrats to your sister!

and congrats to you too. Twelve marathons done, wow!! You are a marathon maCHINE

J said...

First off, If I had the sister you had I would brag too! That is so awesome that she did so well at the marathon! You both look awesome in those photos!!

I think the winners should be determined by gun time (unless the race is like the boston or NYC marathon where there is the elite group and stuff) because thats the way it usually goes for smaller races...I think...

Great job on completing another marathon!!

Jo Lynn said...

Definitely chip time, without a doubt! It's so nice you look up to your little sister. We all have to have someone like that in our lives (both ends).
Good time on your marathon!!!! Congratulations to both of you. ;)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

you should brag about your sis, awesome! Congrats on your 12th, that is an amazing accomplishment, so I think that both you and your sis are inspirations to me. I remember wishing I had taken the left turn too. :( Hope the knee is ok!

Cindy said...

wow, #12!! congratulations, marci! and don't apologize for giving props to your little sis, that is truly something to be proud of. yay for both of you!

Runner Leana said...

You have every right to be proud of your sister. Congratulations to her!! I can see how she would inspire you.

Congratulations to you as well on your fantastic race. Number 12!! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be chip time. Because of the gun time policy, there are people lining up at the front that maybe shouldn't...and are getting in the way of the faster runners...I line up towards the back or middle for this reason. It creates a safer run.
Besides, the winner is supposed to be determined by the fastest time to complete the route.

joyRuN said...

Please, girl! Go on & brag about your sister - she's kick-@$$, and so are YOU!!!

I think it should be chip time - more accurate. And honestly, I'm never one to line up at the front of anything - too little personal space up there ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job! And, I think chip time. I voted on your poll. :)

Denise said...

Congrats to you AND your sister!! You both did great!! Too bad about her placement...I'd be bummed!

Jess said...

I am confused how your sis didn't get 3rd. Just like that woman who technically won at Nike last fall, but didn't win. How does this happen?

Congrats on finishing your 12th! Dirty Dozen now under your belt!

Heather said...

Good job on the marathon, and congrats to your sister! I don't think you should feel bad about bragging. :)

Marlene said...

Your sister is amazing! COngratulations to her - I'd be braggin too! I think it's completely unfair that the standings are based on gun time. Is this the normal practice?!

Sorry to hear about your knee troubles, but glad to hear it does not seem to be anything to worry about. I hope it feels better for Cleveland AND Vermont!

Congrats on # 12, you crazy maniac! :) You're awesome. Great seeing you at the end, too!

maria k said...

you should totally brag about your sister a lot! what a inspiration you both are.
3 marathons in 3 weeks?? you are NUTS. in an awesome way.

tfh said...

I'm laughing to think you have a sister who's as crazy a runner as you! You BOTH must have great recovery genes to be able to run multiple marathons so close to one another-- or else you're both super stubborn. Sounds like she has a GREAT chance of qualifying for the trials. Oh, and I say she got third-- if chip time counts for the rest of us, it should count for the fastest runners, too!

Fair Weather Runner said...

Both you and your sister are amazing, multiple marathons so close together. And it's sweet of you to brag on your sister!

Good job on number 12, incredible.

The Happy Runner said...

Congrats on marathon #12! Woo hoo!

And, yeah, I would be bragging big time if my sister was that fast. Dang!!!

Ali said...

Congratulations on number 12 ... well done!

I definitely think chip time.

MCM Mama said...

Wow! Your sister is awesome! Go ahead and brag!

I think that chip time is more accurate. Bummer that she missed out on #3!

Glad to hear you are planning three marathons in three weeks. Makes my plan of two half marathons in two weeks sound sane LOL.

Chic Runner said...

Great job! That was a great race report and what a great job by your sister! That is amazing! :) The pictures are great and I love that the running skirts lady was there too. Super cool!

robison52 said...

Congrats on another great performance! Definitely CHIP TIME!!!

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats on a great run. Hope the knee is feeling better.

Its got to be gun time. People running at the front are racing against each other. How they pace and work their race strategy is based on what is happening in the front of the pack. If races were placed by chiptime a contender could purposely stay well back in the pack at the start. The lead runner would have no idea on whether they were in first place or not and therefore not know if they should push the pace or layoff. Imagine the lead runner crossing the finishline and breaking the tape at boston then waiting for the other racers to finish in order to get there chip times and see who really won. Not such a good idea.

Kim said...

You are awesome! Great job on another marathon.

And about your sister...BRAG AWAY!! That is awesome and you should be so proud!

Sonia said...

Wow your sister is amazing!! And so are you! I wish I could run a marathon in 4h easy! LOL So you see we all inspire each other in the end.

I have to say I love it when fast lady/elite are running in skirts makes me feel less silly for enjoying it so much hahaha

Congrats on your 12th marathon, this is so impressive. I'm glad the knee is feeling better.

Sonia said...

About the question. For elite it goes with gun time. A rule is a rule I understand why getting as close to the starting line as you can is important.

Blyfinn said...

I will never understand how the third fastest time does not get third place.

lindsay said...

um brag away! your sister is so fast! that is crappy about the "rules" - makes no sense. i wish i could run a 2:53 period, let alone 2 weeks after a marathon!

big congrats are in order for you! 12 marathons completed is a huge accomplishment. way to run a strong race, and hope your knee is all good.

aron said...

another great race and report! congrats on #12!!!! so awesome :)

RoadBunner said...

Your sister is super speedy! Congrats on your 12th marathon!! Awesome.

I have to agree that overall placings should be based on gun time, not net time.

Amanda said...

Great job! You and your sister are awesome!! I love running skirts, that's neat that they had a booth there.

Vava said...

First, I think it has to be gun time, or else it's not really a race since a fast runner could just start at the back of the pack, mow down slow runners on the way, and never actually see the people that are his/her true competition. There this whole other thing of waiting that extra 10-15 minutes for "bad weather" to blow over before starting, thereby gaining an advantage and all.

As far as your race, nice work! I am worried that you are taking pain killers and continuing to run after they take effect. Isn't that a sure way to injure yourself even more? Pain is supposed to tell you something is wrong and that you should listen. If you can run through it without meds then keep going, if you need meds it'd better be some really big "once in a lifetime" type of race to justify their use. Anyway, sorry for the preaching. You know yourself better than I do (duh!), but I'd have real trouble popping pills to mask pain in training or in a race.

Anonymous said...

congrats to both you and your sister for such a great race! love th pics from the race!

Melanie said...

Congrats to you both! And I'd totally brag on my sister if I were in your shoes! I can't blame her for wanting to run another one so soon... it was a miserable day here in Nashville on marathon day. I understand why they choose to go by gun time, but I think chip time would be way more fair.

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