Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I need your help!!

I am down to the last three weeks before Shamrock, and I need your help tweaking my training schedule for the last few weeks. Here is the dilemma: I have a half marathon this Sunday, but want to run another 22 miler before the marathon. Here is the current plan I made up a few months ago (I have this in a table, but I don't know how to post it on my blog, sorry):

Week 9: Race Preparation (Monday February 23rd – March 1st)
Mon- Rest or cross training
Tues- 12 miles w/ 4 x 1200 m @ 5K race pace; jog 2 minutes in between (VO2 max)
Wed- 7 miles w/6 x 100 m strides (Recovery + speed)
Thur- Rest or cross training
Fri- 12 miles
Sat- Rest or recovery
Sun- 13 miles (Chilly Half marathon race)

Week 10: Race Preparation (Monday March 2nd – March 8th)
Mon- Rest or cross training
Tues -8 miles w/ 5 600 m @ 5K race pace; jog 90 seconds between (VO2 max)
Wed -5 miles (Recovery)
Thu- Rest or cross training
Fri - 8 miles w/6 x 100 m strides
Sat- Rest or cross training
Sun - 22 miles

Week 11: Taper and Race (Monday March 9th - March 15th)
Mon- Rest or cross train
Tues- 7 miles w/ 8 x 100 m strides (General aerobic + speed)
Wed - 8 miles w/ 3 x 1600 m @ 5K race pace jog 2 minutes in between (VO2 max)
Thurs- Rest or cross training
Fri - 5 miles w/ 6 x 100m strides
Sat- Rest or cross training
Sun - 12 miles

Week 12: Taper and Race (Monday March 16th –March 22nd)
Mon -rest

Tues -7 miles 2 miles @ race pace
Thur - Rest
Fri- 5 miles w/6 x 100 m strides
Sat- Rest
Sun - Shamrock Marathon 26.2 miles

My question is, do you think leaving my 22 miler until March 8th is too late? Will there be any physiological benefit. That is two weeks before the marathon vs three. I can't do it the previous week because of Chilly. Any suggestions are welcome.
Hope everyone is having a good week, thanks for reading!


Melanie said...

can't give ya advice on that one, but you amaze me :) Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather this weekend, good luck!

Running and living said...

Hmm, I think the answer depends on how well you recover. I did a 23 miler and regreted it, because I felt sore and heavy legged for two weeks after. I am not sure whether there is a physiological benefit to going over 20 miles (I did it for the confidence boost as I am training for my first marathon) particularly since you ran marathons before. I hear that it's better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained (and you are in no way undertrained). Ultimately, you know your body best! Good luck, Ana-Maria

Stuart said...

If you're looking to "race" on marathon day, I'd leave it and go w/ fresh legs

Run Mommy said...

Jeez Louise...I cannot possibly comment with absolutely no experience in that kind of mileage. I am anxious to see what more experienced runners post to help you!

aron said...

didnt you run a PR the weekend after another marathon?? if it were ME i would skip it... i also remember feeling like pfitz didnt give me enough taper, this time i am going to cut back off his schedule those last 3 weeks. so really its up to you, you know your body. if you do decide on the 22 miler i might cut some other mileage off that week? just some ideas :)

MCM Mama said...

My recovery period seems to be longer than that, but you may not have that problem. Good luck with your decision!

J said...

I think that looks like a good plan. listen to what your body says too and then tweak things as needed. Maybe run the 22 miler on Saturday instead of Sunday so you have longer recover time.

Arcane said...

personally, i don't think you'll get much benefit from 22 miles two weeks before the marathon. If it were me, I would do 7 miles after the half at a slow long run pace to put you at 20 and then just follow up with the plan as normal.

Julianne said...

I don't think it's too late at all... It looks pretty similiar to my marathon training for Napa... and I did a 20-ish miler right 2 Saturdays ago. And my training called for it. My crazy training called for another 20 this past Saturday but I promptly ignored it. Good luck on your half and full!!! (Oh but a small disclaimer... I tend to recover pretty quickly... Do you?)

The Laminator said...

Hi Marcie, I think it depends on whether you believe in the 3 or 2 week taper. I think you can leave the 22 miler where it is, but maybe cut some mileage from the other workouts to compensate. Personally, I don't see the benefit of doing 22 so close...you might as well do an 18 miler, especially if you are planning to race the half the week before hard. Hmmm...interesting dilemma though. You can e-mail me on my profile page if you want further discussion. But either way, I think the most important thing is to trust and listen to your body. Plans are just that plans...sometimes they don't reflect reality.

Jo Lynn said...

I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I wanted to wish you good luck! ;) Your heart is definitely in it.

Denise said...

That's a tough one. I think it depends on how well you recover. If you leave the 22 until 2 weeks prior, I suggest running it extremely slow. Just use it as a practice for being on your feet for a while. You want to go into race day w/ well rested, fresh legs.

Marlene said...

I know that I couldn't handle a 20+miler two weeks before a marathon,but that in no way mans YOU can't. Based on what I know of your training and previous race experience (Hello, you PR'd in a marathon after running one the previous weekend!), this will work for you.

Good luck

Lacey Nicole said...

i'm glad you asked the question, i can't answer but i'm enjoying reading the responses!!! GOOD LUCK!! (just a thought-- you could add on after the half marathon?)

lindsay said...

i'm basically with everyone else - depends on how your body handles it. what have you done in the past? 2- or 3- week tapers? i would go with what worked for you then...

personally i'm more of a 2-week taper person and i would probably go for 16+ miles that weekend myself. (not so sure about 22! daunting!) but this is about YOU and your legs, so look at what you did in the past and how your body reacted to it.

tfh said...

I really don't know, but I'm glad you posted this question-- everybody's answers have been very helpful and interesting even to me.

Tammy said...

Not sure what your goals are for the Half, but I ran extra miles before my Half on 2/14. My friend and I got to the race early and did our extra miles beforehand.

I agree with what some of the others have said about how it depends on how well you recover. Personally, if I planned to run the HM hard, I would go ahead and run the long run the following weekend very easy.

Marcy said...

I did that same thing (except it was a 20 miler instead of a 22 miler) HM race, 20 miler and then taper. The only thing I'd suggest is that you don't actually race the HM but use it as a marathon pace run. That's how I rolled with it.

Jess said...

I'm not an expert, but I've read that you can do just a 2 week taper instead of the standard 3 and still be plenty well rested for a marathon.

But like others have said, do you really need it?

the gazelle said...

I have no advice as I've not yet run further than 13 miles, but I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are! Good luck!

X-Country2 said...

I did my 20 miler 2 weeks before my first marathon, and I was fine. It actually helped me get mentally sharp and ready to go. I wouldn't have wanted to wait that extra week and do it any earlier.

Good luck!

Fair Weather Runner said...

Wow I'm so glad you posted that, I'm training for my first and had to shift my running plan around and was thinking of doing my 22 at the same point you are thinking of doing yours! I'm so thankful for all these other runners :)

Marathon Maritza said...

I'm with most of this suggestions, which are in essence, somethings got to give. You either skip the 22, b/c it's too close. Run the 22 as is on your schedule, but run it slow, or don't race the half. I do think you need some more recovery if you really want to go into Shamrock at 100% and so something has to be taken back a notch I think.

But I think it does matter in how you feel you recover and what you can handle. If you think you can do it as is on the schedule, then just do it!

You're gonna kick ass no matter what you decide!!

joyRuN said...

I'm no expert, but it looks a little tight. I don't think I could swing it, but you've been at this longer/better.

If you stick to the 22 that weekend, maybe cut back more on weeks 11 & 12?

Laurel said...

I don't know. For me personally. I wouldn't be able to do a 22 miler two weeks before a marathon. My legs just don't recover that fast. But you may be totally different.

Maybe if you just ran it really easy? And what about doing 20 instead of 22? I know it's only two miles less, but at that point, it could make a difference.

N.D. said...

What does Chilly mean? the cold? I also wouldn't do the 22 2 weeks before - but you know your own body best.

Jenny said...

That's a tough judgement call! I think it depends on how well yo recover. You have such a great base that I think it would be alright if you didn't do the 22 miler.

Runner Leana said...

People have left you a lot of good advice! I like the idea of adding a few miles on after the Chilly Half. If Shamrock is your A race I think it is better to be well rested rather than to clear the mental hurdle of a 22 miler, especially since this isn't your first marathon. Good luck with your decision!

Sonia said...

Knowing how hard core you are I'd say the 22 miler only 2 weeks before the race isn't a bad idea as long as you take it easy. You recover well from marathons and long runs in general so I'd say go for it. =) I heard it was freakin cold in Burlington today!!! HOpe you did well!

Marlene said...

LOL, Marci! You did NOT have to feel bad. I love sweaty runner hugs! Especially from friends. :)

Can't wait to read your report... (hint, hint)