Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Thanks everyone for your nice messages about my Steamtown race result.  It definately turned out to be more than a training run.

I am working on my Steamtown Report,  but unfortunately got a little cold post marathon sniffles that leaves me napping on the couch after work.  I hope it doesn't hold on, I want to do some speedwork in preparation for the Hamilton Road to Hope marathon November 1st!! I am also thinking of running a half marathon this weekend in Toronto.  I have some goals for that race,  Hamilton, and then CIM the next month.

Tonight I am meeting a friend for Hot Yoga, which is my favourite post race recovery activity,  which brings me to the topic of this post

What is your post-race recovery routine?

 Here is what works for me
-Epsom Salt baths (eucalyptus)
-Extra Sleep
-Herbal tea
-Potato chips (seriously)
-Hot Yoga

So what do you do?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Canadian Thankgiving and Steamtown Marathon Quick Report

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians blogger friends.  Hope you are relaxing and enjoying the holiday!  I am cooking a turkey dinner today for my mom and sister (she came home from Nashville to visit!).  Great for active recovery!

Despite a recent post about losing my mojo,  I surprised myself with a small PB yesterday at Steamtown.  I finally felt like I had some kick in my legs and ran my first ever NEGATIVE split marathon.
Time - 4:08:54 (a 26 second PB).  Given that this was a training run,  and I was doubting even a 4:30 finish,  I am very pleased with this result.

Full report to come. Major congratulations to all the marathon runners out there this weekend,  there were a ton of great results,  and I look forward to reading your reports.

Now you'll have to excuse me,  I have a turkey to stuff and get in the oven and an apple crisp to bake.  Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Steam Ahead!

I am officially registered for Steamtown Marathon this weekend! 

***insert happy grin***

I decided to opt for this marathon over Hardford since its on the Sunday, and Hardford is Saturday and I can't register online anymore, and it would be rushed to get there with no entry guarantee.  This last minute marathon will replace my planned 22 miler this weekend (whats 4 more miles..).  

I don't have a race plan yet,  but I will be conservative since this is not my "A" race, so I will likely start out slow and see how it goes.  Weather looks good - partly cloudy low 34F, high 57F so that should help.
This week we have been eating so well.  Its harvest time in Ontario,  and I made a wonderful homemade tomato soup and homemade sphaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes and basil.  While at the farmers market look what I picked up for $2.50!!

One brussel sprout tree!! I never knew how brussel sprouts grew..   Either way,  I rarely make brussel sprouts,  anyone have any good suggestions for preparing them.  Hubs doesn't like them very much,  so I am determined to make a tasty dish that he will like.

Good luck to all the racers this weekend!  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

When one door closes...

another one opens..

I felt this way this morning anyway,  but certainly not the last few days.  I decided for a variety of reasons (which I'd rather not disclose on this blog),  that I couldn't go to run St. George today.  Instead I enjoyed a great 29K run with friends this morning.   I felt the best I have since Muskoka, so it was a good call on my part,  but it sucked to let my registration fee/Utah trip go.  Sigh..  next year. I hope I am able to get in through the lottery.  My plane ticket was credited,  so all is good! :)

I am running Hamilton Road to Hope marathon November 1st,  then CIM on Dec 7th, so this week called for a 29K ish run,  and next week will be a 35K/22 mile trek.   It is also Canadian Thankgiving next weekend so I have the Monday off work, as does Hubs.

Do you see where I am going with this?  (door opening!)

I have a long run scheduled,  and a long weekend.  (Inside voice: Why not run a full marathon instead?!!) 

I want a driveable-to marathon,  so after a quick bit of research on marathon guide these are the contenders.

1) Steamtown Marathon -  this course is similar in nature to the Hamilton course,  and the CIM course.  Some rolling hills,  but overall a significant downhill.  Practice makes perfect (I hope),  but the only con is that I have run PA state twice (2 Philly marathons).

2)  Hartford -  I would love to travel here,  nice flat course.  It would knock Connecticut off of my 50-state list. Cons being well there is no more online registration (just the expo),  and I am not sure it will be the best prep for Hamilton.  Laura also recommended this marathon to me.

I may not choose to run a marathon next weekend.  I am trying (its hard when you are a running addict...)  to choose my events wisely and not just enter everything.  If I feel good and recover well (so far so good), I will register.  Also I am watching the weather,  so no hot, humid marathons that are going to zap me!

I am going to cut this post short.  I am craving a nice Salmon dinner with a great glass of red wine,  and Hubs and I are going out to eat!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with your blogs soon.  Thanks for reading!